Today's Reflections

Today was a busy day... The website members-area is starting - ever so modestly - to get joiners!

Our members-only area on the website is great for online community-building. I have been involved with an online woman's group that is using this technology and it is really great. Lots of options for dialing it in - you can enjoy or post music, videos, pictures... have a blog, participate in a forum... the members-area is free when you complete a questionnaire.

These are of some of our membership questions when you sign up...

Have you recently experienced a loss?

Have you spent time with someone who has experienced a significant loss?

What systems of personal and emotional support are you using currently?

What systems of personal and emotional support have you used previously?

What is your impression or understanding of yourself at this time in relation to impermanence?

Please describe your most challenging personal experience with impermanence (your own or that of someone close to you), and its effect on you.

Describe your personal experience with grief and your feelings about the grieving process.

We are a fledgling group, with lots of room for input, suggestions and making your own little niche... Consider toddling over to the website, clicking "sign up" and join us!