Can you imagine
a new culture
of people who thrive
rather than hide
from the impermanence of this existence?

Kim Go is a former Minister of Congregational Life in a multi-faith tradition, a public speaker, coach, author, ritual celebrant and expressive facilitator. She is always excited to find more opportunities to share with others about reducing resistance in the area of physical impermanence.

Kim graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts and Music, and has a Master’s degree in Theology (M.Div).

{personal statement}

When I was very young, I thought little about impermanence. Then, my personal encounters with impermanence grew to include:
⁃ my father's death in early childhood
⁃ near-death experience in my adolescence
⁃ divorce in young adulthood
⁃ fertility challenges
⁃ death of my soul mate and life partner
⁃ loss of access to step children after their father's death
⁃ surviving a mugging
⁃ surviving an assault
⁃ multiple pet losses
⁃ job loss in early adulthood
⁃ suicide of two close friends
⁃ geographic resettlement

To have a fruitful and fearless life, I have been studying physical impermanence, spirituality and creativity since I was around 14 years of age.

My Masters of Divinity included a focus on spiritual formation through nature and creative arts. My bachelors was in theatrical set design, lighting design and music. Prior service as an interfaith chaplain for homeless women taught me a great deal. I trained with the Zen Hospice Project and Hospice of the Valley. I've been privileged to lead numerous expressive education workshops for various non-profit institutions.

My beloved life partner Brian died of pancreatic cancer in June o8. That changed my life dramatically. I decided to go deeper.

Through service at Alive and Mortal, a virtual workspace, I continue to fulfill my calling to add to the lexicon of eloquence. We can encounter impermanence powerfully through our creativity. So, we gather online together to seed a new culture of people who thrive rather than hide from the physical impermanence.
Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world.
- Rumi

Dying is a wild night and a new road.
- Emily Dickinson
My heart is with you as we journey forward...

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