Day 9 of the 31 Day TLC Pledge

Another irony of this current setback with the apartment is that due to my temporary lodging I have really unreliable access to the "internets"... making this blog a challenge! I have decided to laugh about it, to take it with humor and in stride... because... well it is a choice. I am a volunteer in this blog of the TLC challenge, so I will do my best.

The role of a volunteer is how I view most of my roles in this life. I was a volunteer in my relationship with my beloved Brian, I was a volunteer to be his caregiver as he was dying. I am a volunteer to love and care about his 3 kids. I am a volunteer at work - I could depart if I wanted to... I am a volunteer in my relationships with my family and friends.

I volunteer to laugh about it all today. Laughter operates on at least three different levels. They are: the biophysical, the biochemical, and the bioenergetic levels. Research indicates that laughter can help counteract the destructive, negative health consequences of chronic stress. Laughter can effect the lymphatic system and oxygenates your organs.

Today's Suggested Intention: I intend to laugh as much as possible.

Today's Suggested Kind Act: I will spent 10 minutes reading one of my favorite funny authors.

What will you do today to place a smile upon your face, my friends?