Day 6 & 7 of the 31 Day TLC Pledge

This transition has really challenged my self-care! To say the least. (Snort) I have lost a whole box of toiletries, and was running around without deodorant yesterday and this morning until I could get to the market. My hair looked more crazy without my hair products to manage the mane. And my breath - I did not have my trust mouthwash. If your body is a temple - m y temple was stinky! All the bodily things were more animal, as I was struggling to land somewhere with two cats who were stressing. Thankfully, I had some Rescue Remedy for the cats to calm them - it is like chamomile tea for cats. Where was MY chamomile tea??? I see that I treat my cats better than myself. Last night the urge to simplify everything that is working me over. If I can say "wait" I will say "wait". If I can say "please help me" I will. I have collapsed 2 days so that I am now caught up on the blog. Thanks for your patience.

Today's Suggested Intention::
I am going through this day being content with my life, home, and body (eek!) just as they are now. Smelly or no.

Today's Suggested Kind Act: I found an affordable massage place that looks professional and nice. Today, I'm going to make that Valentines Day appointment for a massage!

What are YOU doing today to take care of your temple?