The Evolving Bonds Photo Project For Grieving People

I am hosting a new 3 week interactive expressive arts experience – starting October 16, 2011.

The Evolving Bonds Photo Project an expressive and exclusive community experience where you will:

Use Your Eyes As A Lens To Your Heart:
We'll venture into our world with our cameras and/or camera phones. We will be using our eyes to increasingly move from looking at what is physically present to seeing what is emotionally and spiritually present. 

Use Your Voice As A Tribute To Your Love:
Without pressure, we use our own words or add from prose, memoir, and poetry.

Use Your Relationship Muscles:
If happiness was to be found in focusing on ourselves, we would surely be happy by now!

If happiness is found in connecting with loved ones - then, with camera or camera phone in hand, our perception and awareness can be invited to naturally and easily shift in amazing ways. We find new or renewed ways to connect with our departed and members of the group.

The photographs will help us notice, remember and commit to memory the continuing bonds we are experiencing. Telling stories with photos can be powerful and highly communicative to others who you are connecting with through the group. Your story has power. To see our continuing bonds, reflect on them and allow others to bear witness is a powerful tool.

What are evolving bonds?
CLICK HERE for a previous blog post about evolving bonds.

How does it work?

This group will run in three week cycles. You are making a three week commitment.

Prior to the project commencing is our preparation time.

To prepare to participate, find the group on Facebook called: “Evolving Bonds Photo Project”. It is a closed group. Request to be added. If I do not recognize you, I may email you to determine where you heard about the group, to insure that we do not have people randomly join without qualifying purpose.

Next, prepare to have your camera and/or cameraphone with you at all times, arrange to have a cable handy to connect to a computer if you need it, and any photo editing programs that you would like to use.

During week 1 - 3 of The Evolving Bonds Photo Project you will be gifted each Sunday with a theme suggestion to use if you are inclined. Each week you are to capture your evolving bonds in image and/or words. The themes are designed to be progressive.

So in summary:
At the beginning of each week you will receive notice that I have posted in the group the week’s theme to be done within the week.

During the week I will send out an additional message or host an IM chat that is a brief teaching/inspiration interactive session.

What you will get from participating in the Evolving Bonds Photo Project:
  •     new levels of intimacy with self, your departed and people in the group
  •     exposure to other people’s stories which are  inspiring
  •     practice in learning to see your continuing bonds
  •     a designated space to stretch your imagination
  •     confidence
  •     support
  •     adventure
  •     new levels of awareness of love
And best of all, it is FREE to participate.

The first cycle of The Evolving Bonds Photo Project begins October 16 and ends November 5, 2011.

Consider joining in...