Final Week of The Evolving Bonds Photo Project - Lost and Found and Upside Down

"Speak a new language and the world will be a new world. " -Rumi
Changing your perspective can be a powerful way to unleash yourself.
Why? Because normally our brain functions by simply settling on an economic perspective based on first impressions and assumptions.

Upon encountering a challenge, tragedy or problem in our life... we work to solve it. As subsequent challenges arise, we are more inclined to repeat and repeat our previous approach to attempt to solve a similar problem the exact same way (regardless of whether it is, or is not, the best way). This appears to be the default mechanism of our brains - think of it as an economy of process.

Why waste time inventing new scripts when we can draw on the old scripts?

Well, there are all kinds of good reasons to start anew when we have a challenge.

In particular, I find that creativity helps with the challenges we face when we lose a loved one and we wish to sustain bonds with them. The death of a loved one is a vexing problem to be solved on numerous levels.

The level we are exploring here in this series is our bonds with a beloved person(s) and how to evolve when they have died...

Creatives intuitively explore many, many, many different ways to solve a problem. If there are a million ways to look at a problem, perhaps there are millions of solutions to problems; some solutions better than others.

Creatives feel the freedom to start as a child, often seeming childish in their approach with awe, wonder, questioning and curiosity.
“What… Copernicus [and] Darwin really achieved was not the discovery of a new theory, but a fertile new point of view.” - Michael Michalko
When you take the time to change your perspective you are bound to discover new ideas or ways of solving a problem; and it is a certain that some of those new ideas or solutions will be creatively brilliant.

Why not? What the he** do you have to lose? Nothing now. Why not?

Do something upside down or sideways today.

Do something opposite - have an Opposite Day at The School Of Life today...

Take a turn down an unexpected path...

Move toward something that repels you...

A change of perspective will introduce new ideas regarding your evolving bonds with the departed, it is certain to open up an expanse of discovery, love and wonder.

Our  Evolving Bonds Photo Project group on Facebook are in their final week and I will look forward to seeing what they do with this... THE MORE OUTRAGEOUS THE BETTER!