Day 18 of the 31 Day TLC Pledge


Winter is dark in most places. Intermittent light might punch through gray skies.

I have seen an upturn in anxiety among the grieving people I connect with... I think the holidays and the aftermath are large influences and the upcoming holiday as well. Some have important dates in their loss stories that mingle in these days. But the snow. The deep and relentless snow! And the sky. And the early nightfall. All these and many other factors conspire to make us feel heavy and anxious and full of pain.

Light is a common symbol in numerous religious traditions, and that is no accident. Light gives us a sense of safety. It helps us immeasurably. Our ancestors had to think a lot more about light that we moderns do. So, to take time to consider light is something rare for most of us.

We have chosen to take a pledge

Not with words but with actions

Not with a nod of assent but in behavior

Not in thoughts but in deeds

We will give up our darkness today

To light a candle

We will give up our fear today

To provide home for the part of us that is destitute

We will give up our anxiety today

To see the ourselves have moments of peace

We invite light to break out around us

on us

in us

Light will go before us

We will find our joy in the light

We will mediate on the image of a well-lit path

We will be called repairers of broken lanterns

Together we will bask in light

Today's Suggested Intention: I will focus on any place where light is radiating wherever I go today as a symbol of hope in winter.

Today's Suggested Action: I will light candles or a fire or get full-spectrum light bulbs and get as much light into my space as I can.