Day 17 of the 31 Day TLC Pledge

Yesterday I had a very long talk with someone. We've only been working together for a few days, she is a longer-term employee than I... and she recounted how she struggled over many bumps both professionally and personally.

The main thing missing from her descriptions of her life and the harsh encounters with death and loss - was a sense of any good divine order to things. That there was some overarching good purpose to anything. For this young woman everything was random. And that made this world pretty difficult to negotiate.

She said that she could "believe" when things were going right. She is taking baby steps (as everyone should), and there is visible progress in her life.

No one can ever say they know what the future holds, but it is pretty reliable to assume that there are many more lessons to be learned. Our discussion ended with some sense of stepping into a mystery of life that included harsh moments rooted within an overarching positive purpose. I asked her to experiment with considering what it would mean to believe in some grander sense of benevolence. I will enjoy seeing what she does with these ideas.

Today's Suggested Intention: To walk through this day believing in myself and something larger than me that is in control with a benevolent purpose.

Today's Suggested Action: Getting to bed at a reasonable hour and taking extra C vitamins to bolster my immune system...