Approaching Grief with a Creative Regime

The idea of approaching grief with a creative regime might seem a little strange at first.

You may be saying: I'm not an artist.

Then this is perfect for you!

Did you ever realize that art is our first language? Art still works well when words cannot be found. What now may feel foreign to you was once a human being's primary way of communicating.

Expressive arts are ideal for those with little or no art background. The goal of expressive arts is to explore the self in safe and easy mediums that support your creativity and understanding. It is not a goal to produce works of art or craft.

Creativity is a larger word than art- and absolutely everyone is creative whether or not they know themselves to be. Creativity might be understood as manifesting something new through imagination. We use very simple artistic mediums because they work really well to support the emotions, grief and later - the imagination.

This is a way to love yourself, honor your story and explore your truth. Creativity can support you as a dynamic resource. When you begin to express yourself, you begin to heal. Having supportive and loving witnesses along the journey further reinforces these gains.

It takes a tremendous amount of creativity to go from a state of loss to a state of re-integration. Moments of loss are unique in that they often begin to change the ways we perceive and proceed in the world. Steering that process with creative experiences keeps us close to our hearts and insures the direction we take has integrity for the core person we are meant to be.

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