Memories Uncovered

 Sometimes you go through the lurking edges of your computerized world and find treasures... sometimes these treasures make you catch your breath.

I have been digging in my computer since my original one crapped out - the motherboard died, requiring me to migrate over to a new (to me) computer.

And I found this, circa 2003. And I burst into tears.

Brian was attempting to take photos of us for a sarcastic Christmas card we wanted to design to send to friends who "got" our weird sense of humor. Hence, being in front of "Circus Liquor" a creepy liquor store in North Hollywood. You can see him clicking the remote. It was dark where the tripod was set up and he accidentally pressed the wrong button... so we had a short video clip and he did not plan on it. We did get our photos and designed our Christmas card and sent it out that year. And we inadvertently got a video clip.

A clip that we never intended to have.

We were photo people. We did not do a lot of video at all. Now, I regret that. I wish I had filmed every small pathetic detail of our days. But I did not.

I did not know this was lurking in the computer - when I had downloaded the camera it came with all the photos and sat there quietly, waiting to be noticed. This is a treasure for me. Even if I got absolutely nothing for Christmas, this short little treasure makes me wealthy beyond measure.

Merry Christmas from Circus Liquor...