Day 23 of the 31 Day TLC Pledge

I love the idea of associating light with our beloved's departure. It makes my sorrow feel both seen and touched in some symbolic way. In the darkness of winter, creating lanterns as a group, family or by yourself to symbolize our departed loved ones can be a good process to engage in for a ceremony of remembrance.

Day 1: using a mix of glue and water, paste white tissue paper over the bottom part of balloons.

They dry over-night in a dry place where drips are ok.

Day 2: Add colorful tissue paper with another application of glue.

Again, drying overnight.

Day 3 (or whenever completely dry): Once dry, cut the balloons out.

Then punch two - four holes along the edges, string yarn through the holes and then tie the yarn to sticks, for carrying.

When you want to use your lantern in the evening, you can either use a regular garden-variety tea light OR if it is:
-- windy
-- you are walking with your lantern
-- children are involved
-- you will leave the light unattended for any time
you will want to use an LED tea light, for safety.

Today's Suggested Intention: I will remember the light that Brian shed in my life today and cherish it.

Today's Suggested Action: To make a lantern of Brian's favorite colors to remember him.

What will YOU do today to remember the love and bring a symbol to your memory?
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