Senseless Death

Christina-Taylor Green's tragic death at the tender age of 9 is dumbfounding for us all.

When we learn of a tragedy, like the gunning down of Christina-Taylor Green, a whole nation mourns in confusion. Even though her death is external to our own system of intimate connections, it can still trigger many complex emotions and struggles.

Greater minds than ours have been challenged by such senseless loss. The question of "why?" will reliably surface in the thoughts and conversations that ensue. This is a normal, human response. Usually, despite all the mind gymnastics we do in times of wrongful death, we all end up in the same place - we possess no true answers at the most fundamental level. Great philosophers, spiritual leaders, psychologists - we all join together in a human realm of unknowing. If there were true answers, we would all have gotten the memo by now.

In looking at numerous biographies and reading many accounts of individual's encounters with tragic loss - I only have one observation to share, one that has kept me anchored and grounded in the midst of many personal encounters with tragedy.

And that is - when the impulse arises to ask "why", to take the next step and press into the major "why" questions of your own life.

The major themes of life could be summarized as: Who am I, why am I here (why do I exist?) and what am I to do with the life I have been given?

To seek some good virtue which we can commit to in this present life and make it our goal is a fitting tribute to those who have died wrongfully. If one were to work toward a personal commitment to establish enduring peace, internally and externally, personally and corporately - this would serve to honor those who have lost their lives to senseless violence. It is the only power that we possess in our choiceless state. But, it is a great power. It is the power of how your story and my story are wrapped with her story and many others who have left this earth far too soon.

What personal commitment could you make to establish enduring peace?