A NEW Childrens Book for Dia de los Muertos...

Rosita Y Conchita
This independently published large hardcover book is a compelling story of twin sisters separated by death who are working to make a connection on November 2nd - Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead.)

The story unfolds in bright illustrations and in both English and Spanish verses, side-by-side. It begins with the affirmation that the departed want to make a connection with the living.

Then we join Conchita in Pueblo City as she prepares an alter for her departed twin Rosita. The story evolves through various efforts each twin makes to be with one another, ending with a heart-warming resolution and understanding of how the two can and do find each other.

This book is delightful for adults and children, and if one is attempting to work on language acquisition this book is an excellent experience of both languages.

The last portion of the book has a description of the holiday, directions on making sugar skulls and a primer on how to draw Rosita.

I highly recommend this book for your family, it is lively and refreshing. Both girls take active part in their process of bridging the gap between worlds, and I think it leaves the reader, whether child or adult, with a sense of empowerment. The wisdom of these ancient traditions ebbs forth from the story. The tale teaches those of us on this side of the veil that when we are in our grief of separation, our pain can be warmed and eased by acts of engaging with the departed.

Rosita Y Conchita. Created, illustrated and Spanish written by Eric Gonzalez, English written by Erich Haeger. Copyright 2010 by Muertoons Publishing.

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