The Courage To Begin Creating

If you are afraid of starting the act of creation in expressive arts, you are NOT alone. Many people feel a lag between wanting to start and actually creating.

One way you can grease the process of beginning is by working with inexpensive mediums. This can be a forgiving way to begin. You do not feel as if you have spent a lot of money on pristine materials such as expensive water color papers or moleskin journals... you can just get started with being expressive at little cost with ample materials at your disposal.

Start with such items for a base as:

Old file folders
Cereal boxes (inside)
Tea boxes (inside or outside)
Envelopes (used, with stamps on them can be interesting)
Phone books

Phone books can make a great repository for trying out different painting and drawing techniques. Open up a phone book and use diverse art supplies to explore shapes, colors, textures and effects. Keep the pages in the book, make notes when you see something that appeals to you.

Later, you can use the pages of your altered phone book for collages and other art pieces.

Inexpensive mediums include:
Tempera paint
Magazines (for collage)
Papers (even junk mail!)

The idea is to get started in a way that gives you lots of materials in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

HINT: if you are afraid that anyone will see your work and wonder what crazy/ugly/silly thing you are doing - have a place where you can work without judgment and put it away when you are finished.

With summer almost here - why not have your own "creation summer camp"?