Gratitude Posts - Friendships


I have known Avery for - maybe 10 years. We met when we were thrust together to work at the botanical garden. I found her to be the consummate PR person. I would put together my events and she would marshal the media gods to worship us! Seriously, the local press loved her, and I am certain that this was a great factor in our being a darling of the media.

It was great to work with her, but we also became friends and I treasure her greatly. She has such great stories to tell of growing up in a place called "Cripple Creek" - that town was before being culturally sensitive was popular! She wrote for the newspaper in Los Angeles back when people had bottles of gin in their desk drawers and typewriters were clickety-clacking in employ. Her husband got shot at once - just about everything happens to this woman!

I love her stories, and her bright and energetic spin on just about everything.

Even though she is relentlessly positive, she also is the kind that will accept your love and care when things are choppy. And she has patience for your life when it is choppy.

She has taught me a lot with her red editorial pen and her sense of humor and her depth of understanding.

She is retired now, but still a force to be reckoned with, taking genius classes at the Apple Store and just starting to have a facebook page...

I am thankful for Avery!